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Five to Thrive Posted or Updated on 10 Aug 2023

The Five to Thrive pledge offers five steps to a longer, healthier life- evidence based

Launching on 1 September

The campaign will build a UK-wide community that encourages people to commit to ageing well behaviours  throughout the month, with a lasting impact on their health and wellbeing.

Developed by the Open University in line with NHS anticipatory/ proactive  care policies and ageing well research,

Five to Thrive: Ageing Well targets people in their 50s and 60s ( but limited too) to take up habits that will support healthy ageing – Eating , Drinking , Moving, thinking, Connecting

Five To Thrive: Ageing Well asks individuals to choose to take up daily habits over a month that will impact their ageing outcomes. Underpinned by academic research and in line with government policy, we are targeting the over 50s and particularly looking at demographics with poorer ageing outcomes.

The interdisciplinary team from behavioural change scientists to engagement professionals as well as an extensive list of partners that will help us amplify the pledge to encourage people to sign up.

The ambition is to see as many people as possible from the UK sign up to this pledge and to have this as an annual event to accompany other successful pledges such as Dry January or reconditioning games

Throughout the month, the team will send pledgers materials via email to inspire and engage them as well as running a social media campaign for our community.

For further information please contact: 

Click here to download the Five to Thrive poster (PDF, 317KB)

Click here to download the Five to Thrive infographic (PDF, 1.17MB)

Click here to download the Five to Thrive calendar (PDF, 255KB)

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